Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DNA Frees Another Dallas Man After 25 Years

September 23, 2008

Charles Montaldo-About.Com

A Dallas man behind bars for 25 years for a rape that he did not commit has been set free after DNA evidence in the 1981 case excluded him from being the perpetrator. Johnnie Earl Lindsey was released from prison last week, becoming the 19th person from Dallas County to be freed by the re-examination of DNA evidence.

Lindsey was reunited with his son who was not quite 2 years old when he was convicted in 1983.

Lindsey had written the court six times over the years trying to get someone to test the DNA evidence from the rape kit in the case. Finally, a judge forwarded one of his letters to The Innocence Project.

"Once I got someone to listen to me, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be exonerated, because I am innocent," Lindsey said. "I just needed someone to listen to my story."

Plans to Help Others Wrongfully Convicted

Lindsey said he now plans to help others wrongfully convicted.

"I have almost every clipping of exonerations from the paper, Jet magazine, Time," he said. "I never dreamed there were that many going through circumstances like mine. I'm going to try my best to help those who are left behind to see that they see justice, too."

During his trial, Lindsey said he was at work pressing pants at a commercial laundry when the rape occurred. His boss, Mike Pollard, testified that Lindsey was at work that day and he presented a timecard that showed that Lindsey was at work during that time.

But the jury voted to convict him anyway.

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