Monday, April 28, 2008

Man Serving Life Sentence Wants DNA Test

Chronicle-Telegram- Elyria, OH

An Elyria man serving a life sentence for the May 1999 murder of Angela Galloway is asking a county judge to allow him to have his DNA tested in the hopes it will clear him.

But county Prosecutor Dennis Will, who worked the case while still an Elyria police officer, said there’s no real evidence that could be tested that would clear 47-year-old Ray Smith Jr., who is no relation to the Ray Smith whose sentence was just reduced to life in prison.

Smith’s attorneys, who work for the Ohio Innocence Project, which seeks to use DNA evidence to clear innocent people serving prison time, contend that the testing could lead to Smith’s release from prison.

Will said Smith and Galloway worked together at Friendly’s Restaurant on Broad Street and the pair was working together the night of the murder.

Police determined that Smith killed Galloway and then stuffed her body in the trunk of her car and parked it in an EMH Regional Medical Center parking lot to cover up the fact that he had robbed the restaurant.

Police recovered money stolen from the restaurant at Smith’s apartment, Will said.


Monkey11 said...

This man should not be released! If you were there and part of the trial and questioning/investigations you would know he is NOT innocent. He did this crime and he should be left in prison at the very least. How often is a criminal ever actuallly telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

u have some nerve when u don't know the whole story... he IS innocent

Anonymous said...

HE IS GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Galloway was murdered December 23 or 24, 1997. Not May 1999.